10) Meaning in Life?

This one is for those who think of life as mostly or completely meaningless. (Not even necessarily in a depressed or nihilistic way).

If you think that all or most things in life are meaningless, that doesn’t mean you should do things half-way or slack off.

Unless you want to sit down and die, try your best.

If you involve yourself in the things of life, even a little, but go at it with the ethic that it is all meaningless; you are likely to drag those without similar beliefs into having to deal with your lack of care or what some would call “dark thinking.” This could end up inadvertently hurting those close to you.

If you view life as meaningless, don’t involve others who don’t want to think of such philosophies, or at least fulfill your responsibilities to others so they aren’t harmed by your ethics.

I’m not trying to bash people who view life as meaningless. Neither am I trying to bash any philosophies or religions. I am a Protestant Christian Theist who also enjoys dabbling in some of the philosophies behind Buddhism and Shintoism. However, I see some (not all or even most) of Nihilism as interesting and partially valid. Even the Bible says “everything is meaningless.” Though its used in a context where one works only toward materialistic goals (and Nihilism would likely only view life as materialistic).

I view life as meaningless if all one does is want more stuff. If you want things you will always find yourself unsatisfied. Instead of wanting things that you don’t have, look at what you have now and find satisfaction in that.

For me, I am satisfied with my friends, family, and the various items and activities I can use for my enjoyment. I am satisfied with my mind and how I can learn and think. I am satisfied with my religious beliefs. I truly believe in God, and I gain great comfort from Him.

Regardless of what your religious beliefs are, don’t force them upon others in uncomfortable ways. I am totally not saying to keep them to yourself. Whether you are an atheist or a devout believer, discussion is always a great way to learn. Just don’t cause pain to those who don’t see eye to eye with you. Whether you believe life is meaningless or full of more meaning than most would see, don’t cause your religious or philosophical ethics to put stress on others.

Examples: 1) You are a nihilist so you don’t work hard and you don’t schedule or plan things because it is all meaningless.

  • Though you are debatably not hurting yourself too much with this belief, you are causing stress to others who do want to keep plans and are suffering because you are slacking off.

2) You are a devout Christian, so you scold everyone who does anything you believe to be sinful or wrong.

  • Most people who grow up Christians (or other religions) simply don’t understand the mindsets of those who don’t share those beliefs. How can one see you as a good person when you act angry and judgmental toward them? Rather, discuss your beliefs in a neutral setting and show the kindness and goodness of your beliefs rather than pointing out what is wrong with everyone else.



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