7) Logic vs. Emotion

I often find myself in debates dictated by emotion and not logic. People hold to values and refuse to give up on such values, even if their side of the debate has clearly been debunked.

But recently I asked myself, “what truly is emotion and what truly is logic?”

For the longest of times, I assumed that emotions were a sort of weakness … or at least when it came to making important decisions. I thought the two were opposites and logic was the superior.

I felt that emotions merely slowed people down. They caused all of the world’s problems. Debates turned into arguments when emotions slipped in. Negotiations turned to war when emotions got involved.

But another odd phenomenon I noticed was that all of the bad guys in movies are emotionless. And all of the good guys have emotions.

“Why is logic, the good side of the two opposing views, considered a villainous thing?”

This brought me to reevaluate everything I knew about logic and emotion and how they ultimately affect society.

I quickly separated logic and emotion into two bubbles, and what I found astonished me. It was so simple yet I had never thought of it.

Logic and emotion are two sides of the same coin. They seem like opposites only because they are on different sides of the coin. But without either side, neither could exist.

As I delved deeper into psychology and how the human mind works, I began coming up with a hypothesis. “Perhaps,” I told myself, “there is no difference between emotion and logic at all. Perhaps it is all the machinations of a man-made system.”

“What defines what is logical versus what is emotional? Is there even a line?”

And ultimately I was rerouted to my first question: “What is emotion and what is logic?”

Emotions purvey a need that our feelings tell us. Logic purveys a need that our brains tell us. But the two could be intertwined. A decision could be logical and emotional and still have the most needed outcome for oneself.

Many would define logic as a deduction of what we need and emotions as a desire for what we want. But I disagree. Why do humans have emotions that are so strong if they are not ‘NEEDED’ for survival? Is logic the only thing we ‘NEED’?

This brought about my conclusion: Emotions and Logic are two different methods we use that are more so on a spectrum. Each involves decision-making. And we, as humans, draw a line within the spectrum to separate what we deem as emotions and logic. But both are needed. Emotions give us willpower, motivation, and strength. Logic gives us clarity, focus, and strategy. And both, combined, form one solidarity: Progress.

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