6) Life and Me

Life and I have a funny relationship. I like something, life does not approve. Life wants me to do something, I do not approve.

But like an old married couple, my life is always right.

Perhaps they’ll say “Happy life, happy …” wait.

I do not know how much power life has over me, but at this time it is more power than I have over myself. And perhaps most people don’t even realize that. Or perhaps it is totally relative.

I am bound by work I do not wish to do and I cannot do the work I love. I am forced to eat enough, drink enough, and sleep enough in order to simply survive. Perhaps life has more of a binding on me than I originally thought.

But despite all of the setbacks life gives us, there are still those who fight through them and find fulfillment. I wonder what their secret is. I wonder how much they sacrifice to gain their fulfillment.

I have been forced to “grow up.” Everyone says that as something positive that you need to have. But why?

Find one person who has more wonderment and enjoyment of the simple things as an adult than as a child and I will take my statement back.

The truth is, “growing up” is not happy. It is a sacrifice that some make in order to simply survive.

That is how this world works.

But if you can somehow figure out how to survive and be childlike, then there are billions of others who secretly want to know your secret.

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"I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

One thought on “6) Life and Me”

  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. This is kind of what Henry David Thoreau was tackling when he went to live by Walden Pond, and I think it is fascinating how so many people from so many different backgrounds struggle with this. I don’t think there is any good solution for everyone. Each person and each situation is different. But I find one thing that helps me is to just focus on the simple, but important things in life like walking in nature.

    The basic idea is that you have to weigh what is important to you and find a balance between doing things that help you survive (i.e. a college education or work) and the things you want to do. Finding an intersection between those two is often very difficult, but all you can do is your best, so that has to be good enough.

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