4) Do You Ever Feel Alone?

Do you ever feel alone?

Despite having countless people around you who maybe even love and care for you, and despite being surrounded by and involved with people nearly every day,

does it ever simply feel empty?

Many will not relate. But some of you may feel this way. And perhaps being alone isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Or maybe it is.

I don’t know an answer for this question because it is you I am talking about. And each person is situationally and personally different.

But I know one thing. Company does not create companionship. True friends are hard to come by. So we have two options: keep looking or give up.

You choose.


I don’t quite know why I wrote this post. Perhaps I myself feel alone. Perhaps its late and my emotions are a little haywire.

But it’s times like these that remind me how complicated life is. And how easy it is to fade, even in the brightest light.

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"I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

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