2) Everything to Know

Everything to know is already there and will always be there.

But imagination is yet to be created. And to create it is true discovery.

All insight comes from other insight. Nothing I say is original. But that doesn’t hold back the fact that most things already known are yet to be discovered by us. Those of us who share information become conduits … messengers … not discoverers or originators.

However, it seems unpopular to discover or learn. Imagination and knowledge are for the “nerds” or unpopular people. Why is this?

Perhaps it is because people are afraid to learn. They are afraid of the unknown.

But this is silly. If you are afraid of the unknown, you will never learn, and if you never learn, everything will be unknown.

Whether you choose to create imagination or discover knowledge already known, you must learn to take the leap and dive headlong into the unknown … and make it known.

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"I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

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