1) Introduction

I’m not one for introductions … or at least not the usual kind. Introductions are overused and yet vital to most relational interactions.

But I suppose I’ll explain a few things about my blog.

  1. Purpose: Intellectual and Theoretical Discussion
  2. Goal: I want ideas flow from person to person, whether from me to you or you to me.
  3. I like things concise. Knowledge doesn’t have to come in giant mountains of information.
  4. I don’t judge you on your intelligence, but rather on how you use your intelligence.
  5. Everyone makes mistakes. I want to keep around those who step up to right their mistakes. And if you judge others for making mistakes, you are a hypocrite. Help them instead and maybe they’ll help you with your problems.

Now, that i’m through with this, it is time to begin my journey of blogging.

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"I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

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